In this - the final episode of the first season of the Children of Tendu Podcast - Jose and Javi sit down with a small group of avid listeners - all of them aspiring writers, producers, directors and executives - and answer their questions in real time! Topics include race and gender in the entertainment industry, adapting other people’s original material, what should you ask for when you are a new writer and your project gets optioned, great moments in Spanish profanity, one person’s completely irrational hatred of Eddie Money, and why EVERY writer should have a good psychotherapist. For a grand finale, Javi and Jose subject one another to the famed questionnaire used by Bernard Pivot AND James Lipton to probe the depths of their guest’s psyches… and then, in a thrilling act of shocking destiny, Jose makes Javi cry!

children of tendu: episode 8 - mo’ producers, mo’ problems

in our scintillating eighth episode, we pick up right where we left off last week and race through the vicissitudes of the tv writer/producer with a focus on post production - from giving and taking notes, editing and dealing with notes from your stars, we leave no turn unstoned to give you the best information on what actually goes on when you have a career jn TV! also, we sing the “pinky and the brain” song, tell poop jokes and discuss “spotting”. don’t ask.